Trainee Search Partner and Head Hunter Positions

Will it be easy? NO!. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!!!!!

Yes, we’re talking about a career in recruitment. But don’t worry, this isn’t your typical Wolf of Wall Street, high churn, low reward, sleepless nights, recruitment firm.

We’re a business that believe in freedom, flexibility, comfort, and maturity, underpinned by a team with over 200 years of recruitment experience that love to help people develop.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s going to be some tough times, but everyone on the team (average tenure of 4 years, across 5 companies in 14 industries) will be there to help you through it, get over it and kick it into touch when needed. And when something doesn’t go your way (and let’s be fair, we’re talking sales so from time to time that will happen) we’re always up for a beer at the end of the day.

Obviously we still offer the attraction pieces that other firms do, basic salary, bonus, incentives (Skiing, Vegas, every decent beach within 5 hours of Leeds Bradford Airport) but more importantly we help you to earn in a friendly, welcoming and mature working space, where CLICHÉ ALERT….. you will love what you do!

Interested. Well if any of the below apply to you, you could be right for us.
You’re good at what you do, but what you’re selling isn’t lighting your fire anymore.

You’re hitting your targets, but after all that hard work, the commission you’ve earned as result really wasn’t worth it.

You love sales, but wish your sales process was a little less ‘transactional’ and a little more personal.

Your staying with the company, not because of how they reward you, but because of the people you work with.

You have an ability to engage with anyone and you find it just as easy to talk to a total stranger as you do you best friend.

So, we’re not asking you to commit to your life to us, but if you we’ve peaked your interest and would like to know more about the business, send us your CV. We’re in the centre of Leeds and always happy to meet for a coffee.